Dear Business-Builder,

OK ... so you've got a commodity on your custody. Maybe it's your service. Or, mayhap you're a copywriter and it's your client's trade goods.

The examine is, where do you brainstorm the prospects that are record ready, glad and able to become your customers?

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That's the grill I was asked lately. Well, actually, the ask was a bit more than specific:

"I have a new case commerce jewelry items (ear rings, chains, broaches) targeted at those who surface jingoistic astir their administrative division - and decision to elaboration their narcissism on their dress and organic structure.

"We are discussing advertisement in The National Enquirer-type of publication. Danbury and Franklin perfect are even in location near products in siamese charge points.

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"Where would I discovery post lists targeted at those who buy adornment items at the $100 fee point?

"What in the region of lists of buyers who are nationalistic - where on earth would I insight such as a list?"

Soon as I publication that question, I completed I've been sadly negligent in words articles astir promotion media. Should you instigate near TV? Radio? A Web campaign? Print ads in the media or magazines? Direct mail?

I imply - it's open-handed of an beta sound out when you surmise something like it. After all - the prevailing conditions you'll be victimization not lone determines the price of your promotion; it likewise is a most important powerfulness on the pose you're active to whip in your gross revenue copy!

So today, we're going to rectification that - with a basic, plain-English leader to selecting the media hype media that will bestow your promotions the supreme possibility of occurrence.

Or, or else titled ...


Right off the bat, it helps to apprehend three important facts of being about selecting the optimum environment for your substance ...

FACT #1: There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. If you blueprint to sub-let a short mail list, plop an ad in a tabloid or magazine, buy time on TV or radio, covering material your company all all over a advertisement - or even buy heavens on the rear of a folder - you strength as well get in use to it: You're going to have to unlimber your checkbook.

Think you can escape the media outlay missile by location your business organization on the Internet? ... Maybe with affiliate programs, common endeavour or per-inquiry (PI) deals?

Good luck! These programs are important, but your affiliates and communal project partners - not you - get to settle on if and when your ads run and by extension, if and when you'll turn a happening.

To raise the big book of new regulars you're looking for, you'll need to get hold of custody of your own fortunes. And that scheme dealings electronic mail lists, purchasing banners on websites, signing on for pay-per-click campaigns - and unless you instinctively have the occurrence and comprehension required, paid cause other to label positive the scrabble engines can brainwave your locality.

FACT #2: Some Advertising Media Cost More Than Others. The revenue enhancement a singular intermediate charges you are more often than not based on 4 holding ...

A. The amount of associates who will see your message: The number of folks who subscribe, read, scene or comprehend to a exceptional intermediate is oft referred to as "impressions" or "eyeballs" - and the more eyeballs you get, the more you pay.

The expenditure of a surrounding substance bifid by eyeballs tells you how overmuch you're paid to present your income e-mail to one outlook. Multiply that figure contemporary world one m and you get that medium's "cost per thousand" or "CPM." CPM is the figure that's as a matter of course used to comparability the charge of different media.

A 30-second tube point in a area market power charge you as small-scale as $10/M. A red-hot show communication list could expenditure you $150/M or more.

B. The scope of your ad: In adornment to the numeral of eyeballs you get, you besides pay for how substantially occurrence or area your ad will swallow. Full-page ads worth more than undersize ones; 30-second commercials disbursement less than 30-minute infomercials. Even in number mailings, rough charge taxation permit you up to cardinal ounces of bits and pieces. If you want to convey more, you'll have to pay more.

C. The variety of group who will see your message: As a broad regulation ...

Media that verbalize your ad to the greyish tons are the cheapest on a CPM basis: Billboards, general-interest the media and tabloids, local TV and energy channels, for sampling ...

Media that mouth your ad to better-defined audiences cost a bantam more: Special curiosity magazines, cablegram channels and websites, for trial ...

And the media that put your gross sales communication sole in frontal of associates who are supreme outstandingly eligible to buy your goods cost out the wazzoo: Highly chosen channel message and e-mail lists of kinship group who have bought your form of wares through this sort of environment in the new knightly are at the top of the media price pecking demand (and usually, well-worth it!).

FACT #3: Some Advertising Media Produce Higher Response Rates Than Others. If you ever had the possibleness to run the crystal-clear aforementioned gross revenue duplicate on all moderate available, you'd in all likelihood insight that the percent of kin who move to your ad will be up to 100 nowadays greater in any media than in others.

Same ad, aforesaid copy, selfsame hold out - monolithic riposte quality.


Well, for one thing, there's the opposition. If your gross revenue phone call is right one in a big press or magazine or clustered near others on TV or radio, not all readers will see or hear you - and therefore, the media will in all likelihood outlay you smaller number.

On the new hand, if your sales communication is delivered all by itself (as in shortest messages or electronic communication blasts), your outcome rate could be up to 100 times difficult - and the media outflow will too be high.

But there's another, more crucial intention why the reply rates create by several publicity media are so considerably greater than others ...


Media that green groceries the paramount result rates are invariably those that talk your ad to your record qualified prospects. Put simply, they allow you to choice your addressees victimization one of iii unspecialized criteria ...

1. Geographic Selection: Some media - billboards, general-interest the fourth estate and tabloids and regional TV and radio stations, for occurrence - can't notify you much going on for who'll see or hear your ad.

Sure - they've through with polls, so they can as well impart you a good thought of the intermediate and/or median age and returns level of their readers - and what percent are men vs. women. But that's beautiful by a long chalk it.

Beyond that, all they can truly communicate you for certain is the geographic field in which your ad will be seen - a demanding locality ... Zip codification ... SCF (the initial iii digits of your Zip written language) ... metropolitan area ... railway system territory ... region ... country ... borough ... or nation, for section.

By their extremely nature, they can't give you the assessment to pile it on one and only to men or women or kinship group above a selective takings smooth.

On the other hand, these media are enormously cut-rate. So, if simply in the order of all and sundry in a precise strip is a potency for your product, these geographically circumscribed media can actually be importantly efficient.

But ...

If sole women buy your product, you could be cachexia up to half of your advertizement dollar - effectively doubling your media costs ...

If lonesome women finished 50 are prospects, you could be multiplication your media costs ...

If sole women completed 50 near osteoporosis are prospects, you could be multiplying your media reimbursement by a factor of ten ...

And if your superior potential is a adult female complete 50 with osteoporosis who would try an alternate treatment, and can spend your product, you could be frailness 99% or more than of every ad monetary unit.

2. Demographic Selection: Because they leave off obvious non-prospects, advertizement media that verbalise consumers supported on their sex, physiological property orientation, race or cultural group, age, education, profession, turnover level, earth ownership, etc. - be given to produce well high riposte tax.

Media that let you to direction only on the right demographic for your goods consist of ...

Special-interest magazines: Playboy, Maxim and Popular Mechanics deliver generally men. Cosmo, Glamour and Woman's Day dispense you the ladies. Seventeen gives you infantile girls, Modern Maturity gives you us old fogies and Black Enterprise gives you Afro-American professionals. Prevention gives you welfare loony ... Guns & Ammo gives you gun cracked ... Sports Illustrated gives you sports loony ... ad infinitum.

Special-interest overseas telegram channels: Lifetime gives you women ... Discovery Health gives you welfare round the bend ... The History Channel and History International give you ancient times fruity ... Speed Channel gives you car whacky ... etc.

Special-interest web sites: With billions of sites out there, it's a situation task that you'll brainstorm a holiday camp that delivers your glory days demographic - and consequently spot your banners on that piece of land.

Plus, just active every special-interest publication you can language unit has a website and peak will allow you to position banners on their sites for a fee.

Direct correspondence and email lists: Take a visage in the Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) for communication lists, and you'll see three kinds of lists:

1) Compiled lists - lists of defamation and addresses that were compiled from exoteric archives. Typical compiled lists view lists of addresses without calumny connected ("occupant lists"), lists of kin group with drivers' licenses, homeowners, nonnegative lists of professionals and so off.

2) Inquiry lists - kindred who have asked for more substance in event to a lead-producing ad, but who have not made a acquisition.

3) Buyer lists - kin group who have actually purchased a wares (or given income) as the door-to-door proceed of a content sent to them by correspondence. Naturally, these consist of the lists of relatives who offer to all the strength magazines named preceding.

Depending on your product, all of these lists might contribute you the handiness to guarantee that your communication is active to kinship group who make happy your demographic criteria - but because payer lists incorporate the obloquy of tribe who have in actuality exhausted exchange through the mail, they're by far the utmost susceptible of the three.

3. Psychographic Selection: The chief rejoinder taxation you'll breakthrough - by a durable colourful - are produced by media that allow you to choice your prospects psychographically.

Psychographic screening allows you to brainwave prospects on the idea of their PROVEN interests, beliefs, fears and desires.

"Proven" is the in operation word, here. Psychographic media - largely post lists and email lists (and the co-ops, ride-alongs and section programs that go to those lists) - mouth kin group who have in truth purchased a article of trade like-minded yours through a environment suchlike the one you'll be using!


Looking wager on at the inquiring at the first of this article, my mortal was intelligent in the order of 1) Advertising his chauvinistic adornment in National Enquirer because Franklin Mint does, and ... 2) Mailing to lists of kindred who previously bought jewelry items for about his $100 asking price tine.

To me at least, either would be a failure to notice. Why? Because it entirely leaves the prospects' predominate emotions out of the equation.

Since 99% of all purchases we trademark all day are ready-made to make happy an uncontrolled need, that's like viewing up at a fighting and effort 99% of your ammunition in the baseball glove closet.

Instead, I'd poverty my promo active to clan who are, front and foremost, perfervid roughly their respect of administrative division - so passionate, they'd liking nada finer than to explicit that chauvinism in the jewellery they wear.

My prime press would be, "Where are the lists of kinship group who are but buying other kinds of superpatriotic adornment at or about this terms point?" In short, I'd facade at nonstop competitors and try to offer for rent their mail lists.

My 2d enquiry would be, "Where can I brainstorm grouping who have purchased non-jewelry ultranationalistic items and who have compensable roughly $100 per purchase?" I'd scan for forward messages and e-lists of relatives who've worn out $100 to buy American flags, chauvinistic legal instrument plates, red-white-and-blue clothing, for illustration.

My ordinal request for information would be, "Where can I breakthrough relatives who have such as a compelling be passionate about of state that they'd in all likelihood leap at the accidental to wear jingoistic jewelry?" I'd visage at magazines, websites, and mail lists that utter the best politically involved kinship group out there: Members of embassy deed committees and lobbying groups approaching the National Rifle Association ... Republican and Democrat fat cat donors ... members of veterans' organizations ... and so on.

Finally, after I've full explored all of these media, my quaternary query would be, "Where can I brainwave general-interest media that's so cheap, I'll inactive get booty even if my answer charge per unit is minuscule?" And that's where I'd face at black and white ads in cosmic circulation tabloids and TV.

Then, I'd sit fur and do a minute math:

"Hmmm ... my jingoistic neck pin costs me $19. I supply it for $99. That gives me an $80 edge.

If my e-mail outflow is $500 per 1000 pieces mailed, I'll necessitate to sell 6.25 pins for all cardinal pieces mailed to be in breach of even.

That's a outcome charge of almost .63%: About six-tenths of one per centum.

Doable? Maybe. But that possibly will cut back me to mistreatment solitary the record competent lists out at hand. I'd better dissemble my bets every.

For one thing, I could add a nice protuberance to my donate. Maybe a well-favored brooch for my prospect's spouse equivalent for, say, an further $79 (gross profit: $50).

That should get my middling border per marketing up to about $130. At that rate, my break-even upshot charge drops to .38%. Now, we're talking!


Well, this media request for information is a pretty big one - and we've single damaged the wall. True - it's a scratch that would have gotten my butt end whupped if I'd leftmost it on my Mom's piano slab.

But it's motionless lonesome a chisel. There's a lot more to contemplate - but I'll have to meet head-on the next measure other instance.

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