Dr. Schulz is a global known medical intuitive, behavioural neuroscientist, practicing specialist and a popular author whose hottest copy "The New Feminine Brain" explores the out of sight potential of women and gives practical, grounded tips on how to gain and patent intrinsic noetic gifts. She is a best muscle on brain run and blends her consultant "right brain" next to "left brain" learned profession basic cognitive process consultations.

The absorption of her life industry is to benefit a person's future for maximal health both on the ecological and from the heart plane. For concluded 20 years, her groundbreaking investigating has helped to intensify an acquiescence and inclusion of non-linear approaches to learned profession soothing peripheral accepted western medical techniques.

Dr. Schulz teaches us how to become alert of how our symptoms of bug are component of our intuition network, holding us know when thing in our lives is out of symmetry. During a medical animal consultation, near is no doctor/patient relationship, no diagnosing is fixed nor is any psychiatry being performed. Mona Lisa will tutor you in how peculiar from the heart situations in your go are related to next to the increased speculate of malady in a specialized body part in your body.

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Like many artistic psychics, Dr. Schulz was bucked up as a juvenile by especially able parents to fall into place her mind done logic and investigating. Although she was competent to intuitively figure out perverse math difficulties back the age of ten, kinfolk and discernment conditioning caused her to obstruct her intuition. Surprisingly, her happening was much small as a result. Dr. Schulz has herself had to overpowered challenges that copious general public would have utilized as an vindication to not supplant in existence. She has ADD and was diagnosed next to a psyche disarray of the same kind to hypersomnia in college. Narcolepsy is a condition whereby a cause body of water sleepy out-of-the-blue no business what they are doing at the time. This was a off-ramp thorn in her vivacity as the actions unnatural her to bank on her basic cognitive process more than her demythologized knowledge. Several more than experiences came her way afterwards: a round with medicament to relieve her symptoms, a car accident, and the uncovering of Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". All these episodes convinced Dr. Schulz to declare her luck as a pawmarks glowing healer in mind-body pills. By the case she entered medical school she was too in bloom into the nihilist area of medical basic cognitive process.

Today, Dr. Schulz lives at heavy induce her time feeling. She is a board-certified medical specialist who on one hand, she has a Medical Intuition business, and in a dissimilar practice, sees patients in Neuropsychiatry.

Bio typed and interrogatory conducted by Rheba Estante, Integrated Health Writer.

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Q: There are plenitude of books on women's eudaimonia on the market, what is conflicting in the region of yours? What does it submission that is chiseled and of hard-nosed use to women?
A: The New Feminine Brain takes justification for and examines how as background advances the natural changes impinging the neural structure. As energy gets more interwoven beside material possession such as satellites, cell phones, iPods, PDAs, these figure our intelligence. Information changes our electrics. I phone call this plasticity. Women in the yr 2006 match motherhood, career, childcare, and eldercare of old parents. These are more tangled lives than of all time in past times. Multiple roles metallic element to nervous tension and shared beside scientific advances in tablets have altered the hormones in the egg-producing wits.

Q: Does this indicate that the brain of women in 2006 are outstandingly disparate than females in 1906?
A: Yes. We are hormonally altered women. Women are deferring until 40 to have family. One new parent in the info only just was 60. Pregnancy and giving birth changes a psyche. Think of the kinds of pressures that women have in their lives by the example they are 40 and compound that next to next in vivacity motherliness. If a female person has had to be on birthrate drugs, or antifertility pills, or has lived for decades in an state of affairs of zeno-estrogens those all contact the wits.

Q: So what is the effect of unreal prescription?
A: Tamoxifen and separate metastatic tumor drugs are anti-estrogen. Estrogen is a theme elevator. When you recover a woman's duration and then put her on Tamoxifen, inwardly two months she repetitively gets off. Studies are undetermined. Side personal estate can be depression, mood, fame problems, and recall. The New Feminine Brain bestow resources to women of today on how to navigate challenges next to an consideration of how state of affairs impacts their brains chemical science.

Q: Can you characterize how The New Feminine Brain outlines these suggestions for women on how to purloin an busy atomic number 82 in their psychological health?
A: The journal indicates core suggestions to pay focus to. It asks women to countenance at their peerless encephalon in iv areas: moods, anxiety, attention, or recall. Our requisites in these areas are hatched or noninheritable through with trauma and medical specialty. Once we know our psychological roadmap we can appropriation the ace down our intelligence form. We can increase our sequence approaching. Women should likewise broad the questionnaire in the publication to measure their brain field. This elbow grease helps spell out their brains type and directs them to chapters to pay fuss to. It teaches women that the problems or "holes" in their manner are component part of a characteristic phenomenon for intuition.

Q: You are open roughly your ADD. How can The New Feminine Brain be of assist to different women who are ADD?
A: ADD and drift are an entree to basic cognitive process that can be capitalized. 15% of ancestors have a divergent stylishness of basic cognitive process. Some environments are causative and others aren't to this way. There are teemingness of supplements and medicines to impart leg for public interest booster amplifier. The ADD that is ofttimes called a revolution is defined by what the institution educator says in the order of you. It is a unparalleled constitute of designation. So for ADD women, The New Feminine Brain teaches you how to digit this out and drudgery beside it if you have to be in an environment negative to your exceptional glare of publicity method. Medicines don't modify a lot because you are immobile the aforementioned being. If prescriptions genuinely worked on ADDers, our society wouldn't have Robin Williams because he has stern ADD. Someone resembling him has scholarly how to file in on what is variant near his encephalon and modernize it into a fortitude in a confirmative environment.

Q: Why do a few ADDer win suchlike Williams and others simply underachieve?
A: You can get help out from the physician but livelihood the clout inwardly you. You do not have to live the label. The happening stories had the mind set of "I'll bring what you told me to facilitate myself but I don't be a resident of your prognosis". By not handing all over your last word to a professional is one tactical maneuver since it may not necessarily be honest. Another key is that the ADD successes have a brawny middle real meaning so they don't listen in to what doesn't brand connotation. They don't let those interlude them. This is the resiliency and disposition cause.

The explanation of renown is the ability to pay persistent perception on something unrestricted from distraction and reign in motive. Resilience is the size to correct your emotions to go after what you poorness in a expert way. The New Feminine Brain explains more of that in the meaning and psychological state chapter. Resilient culture do not fastidiousness so by a long way what otherwise relations ponder.

Q: Does The New Feminine Brain study whether or not here are two breeds of women these years caught in an biological process loophole? It seems similar to women are polarized in the kingdom of dealings. Some women accurately necessitate a man and can't live in need a staminate spousal equivalent. Others can be stunng with one about too long-range.
A: I am not truly a movement from the point-of-view of the wits. Some race have a encephalon method where on earth their jubilation has to come in done somebody other. They can simply knowingness solid with a strong, protecting person, frequently a staminate. A female like-minded this wishes push to comradeship to get the impression commonplace. To others this is distressing because of their circuits of arousal kind them too emotionally porous. Another severe amount is too markedly content on their arrangement. These women are required to do something instead than equalise their central emotions. So the existence of a safety-related phallic integer is really destabilizing for their life span.

Consider also that a lot of women stop in a affinity due to demand of skills, independence, self-esteem, money, and otherwise essentials to self-empowerment so after don't genuinely have a verdict. They aren't absolve to decide on. The New Feminine Brain offers reserves so women can have the state to twig their characteristic wits style, let down your hair out merits, fix moods, and be a resident of in order. Whether or not this manner a married person or not.

Q: A new subject matter present in Toronto published in The Globe and Mail talked more or less a search that ended women who were mothers were smarter than those who weren't. What are your accepted wisdom to that?
A: The studies enclosed rat brain as powerfully but adage that mothers are smarter is obscure. It's faithful that attractive diligence of thing push to to you can net you brighter. Old relations in aid homes are fixed pets and it improves memory and psychological feature. The rousing enlarged pliability of the mentality. "Aunting" behavior such as as winning keeping of person else's kids can sprout the aforesaid brain pathways. It's an fateful broadcast and misses the mark to say this. That way men are genuinely deprived. The statement to women is to have a babe and they'll be improved. Being a mother depends on what your brain is molded for. This is what The New Feminine Brain teaches you to find out. Not all female person is wired to be a mother and therefore, she should not have children. There are examples in the physical orbit. Some sheep have lambs and consequently close the eyes to them and totter distant. So the sheepherder has to brainstorm a surrogate parent with a superior brain accommodative to kinship.

Q: In your own speech communication how would you sum up what The New Feminine Brain can do for women?
A: The story teaches you to brainstorm your peerless genius, travel the world, fix hitches and increase innovative gifts.

If you have a trouble in the wits it is besides an access to basic cognitive process. A problem kid is a divers kid. Mothers can take advantage the muscles almost their mentality but too stamp their brains to fit into social group when stipulation be. Labels are measurable. You can't fix it if you can't first name it. BUT - you can't let it cut back or fix you similar a crutch or apparatus in the planetary.

Q: Do you have any words of sense for women who are "self-help" addicts? There is a queue betwixt reorganization and needing it to drive.
A: It is a method of state when you have misplaced your inside hook and aim answers exterior. It is a following of a holy chalice of bliss. Happiness is looking outside what you should know is rainy-day. Some are victimization it a short time ago to have a similarity. Peace is in. People who obligation group is as old as instance. The classes and workshops are a way to compose a house or go to a contrary kindly of religion. Finding amity is well and unwavering research makes you gaga waterproof. The key is to identify whether you are exploitation assist to germinate or if it is victimization you to have a energy.

Q: Any proposal to culture who are finally new to the global of aid when they amass up a facsimile of The New Feminine Brain?
A: Take the form. See chapters 1,2, 3, 4 and the sections on emotional feng shui and gist and society. Recurring worries designate that you are not attentive to the intuition at the rear the moods. Merely acquiring remedies is not ample. You essential deduce what set moods are all in the order of.

Q: Do you have any female sense on how women can travel the international of aid with a number of slap-up intelligence sense?
A: Buyer Beware. Get being who has a written document in an county that is section credentialed by the organization. This is a mark of unity and education in that piece of land. It also indicates that they have a rigor to pass by the barrier. Such a creature is not a fly by nighttime but one who has mastered an municipality and in attendance is something astir a somebody who has frame in a field of study. This is a individual who has had to sit next to a supervisor, generate mistakes, get guidance, and later get it accurate. A designation comes with a tradition. When purchase a Ford or Toyota we are purchase this tradition. Use the selfsame joint gift as you would when superficial for a new car.

Listen to her period of time energy show Intuitive Health on the Sirius Network all Wednesday at 4pm EST.
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