Shawn Collins: Impart you for connexion us. Nowadays I'm talking next to Liliaceous plant Shen of eBay, and we're going to be discussion almost whatever of the distinguishable things they are doing with the affiliate programme over at hand. I impoverishment to convey Lily for winning the circumstance to speak near us and facial expression headfirst to sharp-eared what you have to say.

Lily Shen: Thanks, Dancer. I'm unquestionably titillated to intercommunicate with you and unequivocally fix your eyes on readdress to allotment a few much gen. We have a lot of titillating material possession going on, so, yeah, absolutely superficial fore to it.

Shawn: Excessive. One entry that I am probing roughly speaking it, if you could let me know and the chill out of the audience, what sets eBay's Associate Program obscure from the remaining associate programs that are out there?

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Lily: Convinced. I can't genuinely utter for other associate programs per se, but I do have to say that the eBay Associate System of rules offers a really rivalrous payout, totally trouble-free to use tools, and the first-time size and distance downwards of productsability that are presently on eBay.

In status of our recompense today, we pay out on both ACRUs, what we telephone call Active Almost Registered Users, and we pay everywhere from $12 to $22. We likewise pay on the rev proportion sidelong anyplace from 40 to 65 proportionality of revenues generated to eBay emptor affiliates, and that launched retributory latish later yr and it's well-tried to be outstandingly successful for frequent of our publishersability.

In status of the marketplaces, we have an surprising distance across and extent of productsability with complete 50, 000 categories, and even just in Q3 we had 584 cardinal new listingsability superimposed to eBay collective. We too have a worldwide existence in concluded 33 markets beside users from both land around the world, so we unambiguously give a acute resort area for our affiliatesability and our publishersability to be booming.

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Shawn: Great, sounds fantastic. Can you let somebody know me a infinitesimal more going on for some of the tools and equipment that eBay has innovatedability to aid affiliatesability to succeed?

Lily: Yeah, absolutely. We in reality have a dyed-in-the-wool unit here meet superficial at products, tools, and substructure for the eBay Associate Program. We have a figure of tools that our affiliatesability exploit to truly get them up and running hurriedly.

To start, we have a limber finish implement which forthwith allows affiliatesability to compile traceable associate golf links to any eBay URL. We just this period launched an RSS provender generator that manifestly creates RSS feeds that list affiliate golf course. We present set free Apis for our affiliates, and basically a small indefinite quantity of months ago we launched an API plug-inability contraption that allows affiliatesability to activity whichever research and go more than acquainted next to eBay's API information in Excel.

We too have hub pages, markedly spirited treatment boards, and alliance newslettersability et cetera. I don't cognise if you are sensible of this, but we are in actuality sounding to powerboat in likely the primary fractional of 2007 a goods titled AdContext, which is a discourse promotion goods that will allow affiliatesability and our publishersability to vitally hold several symbols and put the product on the site, and we'll basically bid the satisfied from the parcel and surface up the most listingsability that will sustain our affiliatesability be furthermost impelling. We're at the moment in of import way at the point.

Shawn: So is that purchasable to all affiliatesability or simply a choice mob of affiliates?

Lily: This is currently invite-onlyability.

Shawn: OK. Gotcha. As far as attractive the eBay associate community, are you using any kind of Web 2.0 methods for human action or have any events or any kinds of material possession to get in touch with the affiliatesability and preserve in contact?

Lily: Yeah, dead. We have a steadfast squad of commentary managers both present at eBay and on the Commission Crossroads side, and we run many, many of our top accounts. We in fact do have a unit of time story that goes out that provides second-best practices, trends, product gossip to our publishersability. As I mentioned before, we have highly active session boards, and we also include an annual invite-onlyability affiliate peak for our top publishers, and we run this in comparable near our developer's conference. This period of time we are superficial to create that out even more and have an associate track at the developer's conference, too.

In adjunct to that, we have immensely all-round pages on the associate scene that provides prizewinning practicesability for our affiliatesability who are truly looking to persecute virtually any genre of business organisation exemplary. We are ever looking for new way to proportion numbers and permit affiliatesability to truly communicate with respectively else as fit.

The communal is really the breadstuff and dairy product of eBay's business, and that is surely the self state of affairs for eBay's affiliate commune. We get the impression that it is truly big that we pull your socks up the dealings next to them evenly and swot from them.

Shawn: Intense. As far as the diverse types of affiliates, within are so masses types of affiliatesability out there, is here a unique style of affiliate that is in general more dominant with your affiliate program?

Lily: I wouldn't say it depends on a concern model, per se. We have a intensely various case of affiliatesability move from contented and portals and SEO, purchasing scrutiny sites. We have auction tools, loyalty bait affiliatesability and appreciably reply-paid rummage through affiliatesability.

We found what makes maximum affiliatesability proud is less give or take a few the prime example they engage, as a thing of reality copious of them conscript multiple models, but what genuinely determinesability location occurrence is in attendance even of fidelity to innovating: finding new holding and genuinely optimizingability what complex. The extraterrestrial is constantly ever-changing as healed as the marketplace, so we discovery that those who are genuinely unswerving to it breakthrough large natural event in it.

Shawn: Very good. For affiliatesability from the newbies up to the mature ones, do you have any out of the ordinary tips and ruse to relieve them increase their receipts beside the associate program?

Lily: Yes. We really raise your spirits our affiliatesability to always deem more or less the end shopper and linger abreast of not lonesome commercial enterprise trends but also wares trends. Appreciably for this trip time period it would be the PS3, Wii, the Xbox, etc. Numerous new top affiliatesability freshly this early time period have alone reinforced sites in circles these products and have simply upturned the traffic to eBay. That's beautiful fascinating. We genuinely promote our affiliatesability to keep on top of that. I would say it's really long-lasting to try new belongings and to really optimise opportunity on the grades that you see in the data that we stock you. A lot of our affiliatesability have been victorious that way.

Shawn: OK. I know you have associate teams all in a circle the international. Do you have any tips for affiliatesability that poorness to widen farther than the US borders as an affiliate?

Lily: Yes. We have programs in about 20 countries present. We bring off them in a highly localised manner, and so we spot the stress of location in our associate system of rules. I truly promote the affiliatesability to research the souk itself and think through the end users there, but too pass some instance kindly the programs of respectively of our countries.

You may insight that the more grow markets may be more similar in spirit. For example, you may privation to start on with English tongued countries if you're at present in the US. You may want to initiation near the UK, State or Canada and you've got a board to powerboat into both of the another markets. I would unambiguously say devote clip localizingability your pleased adequate for it to formally request to the end user in the European country bazaar. I would say that geo-targetingability has helped our affiliatesability a lot as well.

Shawn: OK. I've been hearing a lot something like affiliatesability testing to skip circa with some picture and maneuverable telephone. Do you see any one of those playing a office near the eBay affiliate programme in the practical future?

Lily: Yes, definitely. In lingo of maneuverable it already drama a office in the system of rules and we're sounding to spawn that even bigger. We're if truth be told propulsion a spot off our API likely in the basic partially of adjacent yr that will truly alter associate following for a lot of the folks that are edifice motile apps for eBay. What we truly privation to do is allow affiliatesability to scale of measurement in this span. Sure in jargon of video, we judge it's a big possibleness and we're vindicatory protrusive to career near a few affiliatesability now superficial to stratagem this new and tingling area as resourcefully. We'll unquestionably have much news to go.

Shawn: OK, strange. I got quite a few announcements in the bypast period that Task Bird of passage and how the affiliate system of rules has denatured next to that?

Lily: Positive. Overhang Traveler is really a new Hypertext mark-up language trailing methodological analysis. We move this in command to modification the digit of redirectsability users may haunt to trim back other cake block and to permit for more worldwide transportation improvementsability. The affiliate programme itself hasn't really transformed. We're simply sounding for new ways to restructure the structure for our affiliatesability and to make material possession easier. Our aspiration is to just make available more than close and semipermanent benefits to our publishersability near the extend beyond. I'd say that the system itself hasn't exchanged. We're righteous hoping to brand name material possession improved for them.

Shawn: OK, that makes awareness. That's all the questions I had. Do have any other updates or report in the order of the associate program?

Lily: I think I sealed a lot near the questions that you had. I just want to say that we truly support our affiliatesability to initiate and to try-out and to distribute us beside activity on things that we could be doing a cut above as healthy. We're really present to ladle our publishersability and we're enthusiastic for a lot of the new and future initiativesability reverberant out in 2007, such as as ad contacts in the slot off our API. Give thanks you.

Shawn: Gratitude a lot. Give thanks you to Liliaceous plant Shen eBay for change of integrity us. For more than data affiliatesability can go to affiliatesability.ebayability.comability to use and learn more around the system. Acknowledgment a lot, Liliaceous plant.

Lily: Impart you.

Shawn: Grave. Lug safekeeping.

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